What should I do with old computer equipment?

Getting a new laptop or desktop computer is exciting, but deciding what to do with your old one and all of its accessories can be a difficult decision. Many people just throw it away as it seems the easy option. This, however, is a complete waste.

Instead, you should look to donate your machine to a commercial recycling scheme, such as the one Byteback provide to people in Bristol and the surrounding area. The scheme has been created to provide people who have a low income or face varying challenges with a desktop computer or laptop at an affordable price.

We receive all sorts of IT and Communications equipment, such as laptops/computers, photocopiers, mobile phones, tablets and hard drives and recycle them to give to people in and around Bristol who might not previously of had the opportunity to own these gadgets.

We refurbish these machines, making sure all of your data is permanently destroyed, unrecoverable and inaccessible by any third party to ISO standards. Every single piece of equipment we collect will have its use, with 0% going to landfill. The people of Bristol will largely benefit from your decision to recycle safely and securely.

Find out more about our Commercial Recycling Service here

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