Licensing and Certification.


Hazardous Waste Cariers Licence

Redundant IT equipment often contains potentially hazardous waste. These risks are increase when disposing of CRT and TFT monitors, uninterruptible power supplies and fluorescent tubes. These items need to be be collected, carried, processed and disposed of in a safe and secure manner.


T11 Waste Management Licence Exemption - Repair or refurbishment of WEEE

We achieve our recycling targets by diverting serviceable equipment and components from the waste stream and back into use. All non-serviceable equipment is processed here in the UK, recovering valuable resources. We never export IT waste.

BS EN 15713

BS EN 15713:2009 The British Standard for the Secure Destruction of Confidential Material.

Providing a framework of key condition to be adhered to by companies who destroy confidential information on behalf of their customers. This standard covers the shredding and wiping of magnetic storage devices.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 : 2005 Information Security Management System..

The internationally recognised standard of excellence for the reduction and prevention of security risks and data breaches.

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher.

A refurbished PC supplied by a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher provides the benefits of genuine Microsoft software and helps to protect data security and reduce environmental e-waste.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA A+

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), Provide certification for Computer Engineers

City & Guilds Certified

City & Guilds Certified

We have City & Guilds Certified PAT Testers